Not able to use python-Bitcoinlib because it needs libeay32 (openssl-dev)

I’m currently in the process of trying to build a basic Bitcoin Wallet using Python-Bitcoinlib. You can find the Replit over here. I’m using pip in the shell to install the required modules including Python-Bitcoinlib.

The following happens when I attempt to run it:

Thanks for the help!

One of the requirements as specified on the Python Bitcoinlib Github page is openssl-dev:

As you can see, this typically would be a single line on a Linux box where you can sudo. Obviously we cannot sudo on the Replit shell so I’m at a loss on how to work on this program on Replit.

I’ve attempted to install openssl via Nix but the error remains so I’m curious if there is any other way to accomplish getting openssl-dev installed so I can continue to use Replit for this project.

In your .replit file, add pkgs.openssl, when I tested this, it seemed to resolve the error.


I thought I tried this but apparently not, can confirm this has fixed the issue. Thanks!

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