Node.js Crash Causes Slow Loading

Problem description

When I have an error in my Node.js Server side code, the web repl crashes. When I click the “run” button after a crash, it takes several minutes before the web content is displayed again.

Expected behavior

web content displays within 30 seconds after clicking “run”.

Actual behavior

web content displays several minutes (5-10) after clicking “run”

Steps to reproduce

use the “chat app” template, call a function to the server which causes an error (ie. opening a file that doesnt exist)




Windows X

Device if mobile




Please upload screenshots

Please send a repl link, and ensure that the file messages.txt does indeed exist within a messages folder within an html folder:


That screenshot was just an example, any errors at all (nonexistent files, code with errors, etc.) all cause my node.js repls to slow load.

That’s the reason I reported as a bug, and not code help. Also, it didn’t happen a few months ago. if the repl crashed, I could click “run” and it would work fine.

I don’t need to provide the link, as the bug can be recreated easily by simply writing code with an error (For easier replication, I commonly encounter this bug while using Chat Template)

I didn’t encounter any errors…

i think it’s running but wtih no console.logs

that’s odd… ill try and provide a screen recording of what’s happening on my end, maybe that’ll help.