No longer able to run programs (Java) on console via typed commands

Hey there. How do I make the console run programs via command (not the run button)?

I’m taking a Java course from that specifically says to not use the run button, but to type commands in the console (i.e., "java

Now, the console only has a run button and I am not able to type in the console at all. I have tried looking through settings but I haven’t found anything that gives an option to remove the button and reinstate the command line. I don’t think I did anything to cause this change, but of course I could be mistaken.

Super frustrating, and I won’t be able to complete the course’s final project until I address this issue.

I appreciate any help with this!

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Hey @angelaahutchiso you can use the Shell instead here.

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Thanks for the tip!
Still wondering what happened to the console. The console option was removed from the new tab menu. There’s still a button on the left panel menu, but nothing opens when I click it. Pretty strange, seems like something is being worked on under the hood.

Using the shell does not work for the commands that Sophia tells you to execute.

Disregard, I had to navigate to the location of my program. The java then worked beautifully.

Sophia really needs to update their curriculum!