No control over autocomplete delay on mobile app

Problem description

On the mobile app, there is no control over the delay for appearing of suggestions /autocomplete, with makes the work more difficult

Expected behavior

normal work of app with optimal autocomplete delay

Actual behavior

The autocomplete delay is set too small and the suggestions appear to soon, with make the development slower

Steps to reproduce

try to work on code and observe the too soon autocomplete suggestions, with are oftenly similiar or exact as the already existing code




Android 13

Device if mobile

Oppo Reno5 5G



You could also just turn off Replit AI.


Hi @mcgiwer!
Try what was suggested here:

Note that keybinds will only work on laptop/PC.
Or, you could turn it off as what @Fairies0feast said, and turn it back on when finished with typing (Inconvenient, though).
Hope this helps!

The topic clearly states that they are using the mobile app though…

That doesn’t make sense. That is like saying “hmm, Google isn’t working properly so I’m just never going to use it again”. Bug reports are for these kinds of things


Hello. It seem that almost anyone answering has missread that the issue apply to a mobile app and not pc/laptop and the mobile app is trunchanted from any kind of settings related to the editor and AI


You may want to post this under Feature Requests, so it may be added.