Nix layers for this repl are uncached

Hi, So basically I was trying to Deploy my repl and it would work until it would go to bundles then it would say “Nix Layers For This Repl Are Uncached” then I check my logs and it said, “5 NOT_FOUND: Project does not exist: replit-user-21636496” What should I do?

I am facing the same situation trying to deploy my project!

Hey, sorry for the late response. I’ve recently fixed the “Project does not exist” error so you shouldn’t be seeing that anymore.

As for the message “Nix layers for this Repl are uncached” , it’s actually not an error, just an informative message telling you that we don’t have a copy of your exact nix layers in our docker layer cache. Instead, those layers have to be built on the fly, so your Repl might take an extra minute or so to deploy.

We cache the most common Nix layers, such as those used for templates. If you installed any extra Nix packages yourself, for example, you might see this message. But it doesn’t mean anything has gone wrong – your deployment should still work as normal.

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Thank you for telling me this, it is greatly apricated


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