New Tutorial Feature Editable by Student

I’ve sent in a bug report already but I wanted to get thoughts from the rest of the community and also just to see if it’s happening for other team leaders / educators.

I tried the new .tutorial folder technique for providing instructions and content to students. First up - love it. However, my student accounts can see the .tutorial folder, the contents, AND edit the contents. Immediately one student deleted the folder in an attempt to tell me “it’s not working for me, I can’t see the instructions”.

Thoughts from the crowd?

I think they should be able to edit to add notes and stuff to help them remember stuff but should not be able to delete stuff unless they made the file. Thought letting them edit would let them delete everything thought it would be visible in the history of the repl.

Never thought about taking notes.

Rebuttal - couldn’t they just add a markdown file to their project for taking notes? Doesn’t need to be in the .tutorial folder.

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That is 100% true. Thought I find switching in between files for notes and the contents of stuff hard instead of them being inline. Imagen if you didn’t have comments in programming and needed to put the comments in a different file

Need to merge threads with the tutorial. Allow students to add threads to tutorial view pages. That might be a perfect marriage. Maybe?

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Completly forgot about threads. That would be the perfect solution

You can choose to hide the .tutorial folder by adding it to the .replit file. This doesn’t stop them from changing the tutorial instructions but does make it a little harder (they would have to click on show hidden files).

I think that in time this may become inaccessible to students in a similar way to the file. Hope this helps.

PS. Version history can also show if the student deleted the folder.

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Umm… what about this?

This is a great option for now. I did not know you could hide stuff with the .replit file. (Might be speaking for myself but most teachers have zero clue about Nix or the config of a Repl)

Hi @MrBrash not at all. I learned about hiding folders via this forum just the other week!