New Simon Says Memory Game

Fun little Simon Says style memory game I made cuz I was bored, my high score is 9, fun to see if anyone can beat that!

Nice game! I would suggest changing the hover effect a bit though. Right now when you hover it expands and glows but when you’re watching Simon it only expands slightly. Perhaps make Simon expand and glow and hovering just dimmer or brighter so it is less confusing?
Beat my score :grin:

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@CoderElijah I beat it:

@JohnnySuriano Nice game. Endless hours of loosing my mind and memory… lol

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Good game! I doubt that I would have been able to repeat it. I was able to dial 11!

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Smh I got infinity to the infinity power!

Infinity to the degree of infinity is certainly good… But you are unlikely to find a number greater than absolute infinity!


I played the game seriously without cheating this time and got 16. It was indeed fun. Excellent job! Could you add a thing that shows my highscore?


As request of @CoderElijah, I added a highscore system that saves on reload!

Ah yes but I have double Ω Ω,

It won’t do anything. Ω*Ω = Ω . About the same as with ∞.