New Animal Crossing Music Extension update!

I forgot this category existed - so here’s a quick rundown of what changed!

  • New icons!

all icons

  • I added images to the “Features” section of the extension - explaining what you can do

  • Config with the command bar (Ctrl + K)! It’s currently in experimental mode so if you wish to install the extension you need to agree to the permission. (This is also why I made so many icons :joy:)

command bar

  • Added a banner for the extension (instead of the cover image) taken from the original Chrome extension’s discord server.

And yeah that’s basically it!

If you wanna see anything else in the extension or any extension you want me to make, just drop it below :slight_smile:


Please tell me, what kind of extension are we talking about?

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A Replit Extension, of course :slight_smile:

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Cool, cool. I just noticed a few minor things in background.js that could potentially become an issue, but besides that, it looks awesome.

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Oh? If possible could you send them to me? Could probably get it fixed and push an update or keep it for the next one.

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This is understandable. But what kind of extension are you talking about? Can you give a link to it?

You can install them under the Extensions tab. Tools > Extensions.
I use Icon Generator. Also working on one (to make one, go to the homepage, on the arrow for Create Repl, click Create Extension) but not working any progress.


Animal Crossing Music Extension