Need help with understanding Replit pricing

I’m considering to move from Glitch but I’m unsure of what I’m actually getting from the paid plans. For example, the “Hacker” plan is $7 a month or $74 annually and it offers the following:

  • Unlimited Private Repls
  • 20 GiB Account Storage
  • 50 GiB Outbound Data Transfer
  • Fast Workspace (2 GiB Memory, 2 vCPUs)
  • One Always On Repl
  • One Boosted Repl
  • SSH into your Repl

Now where does the “50 GiB Outbound Data Transfer” apply? From what I read the notice states “Development plan features apply account-wide”, does each project on my account get 50 GiB or is it shared 50 GiB that is used by every active project? Same question for account storage.

Now, the cycles offer the following:

  • Private Repls: 500 cycles per month (unlimited Repls)
  • Ghostwriter: 1,000 cycles per month (unlimited Repls)
  • Always On Repls: 20 per day (per Repl)
  • Boosted Repls: 20 - 350 per day (per Repl)

From what I understand the “unlimited Repls” notice means that I will pay # of cycles per month and the perk will be applicable to every project that my account has. So if I go with this logic, I can make all my projects private for just 500 cycles ($5) a month, and I could also add for one of my projects the always on which would add 7 * 4 * 20 = 560 cycles ($5.6) a month, in total 1060 cycles ($10.6) a month. If I were to use this for a year it would add up to 12,720 cycles ($127.2). From my calculation it doesn’t seem to be worth it at all for just one project.

Back to the “Hacker” plan, is there a way to extend outbound data transfer limit for just one project instead of buying a higher tier plan? From what I read on the pricing page there is something called “Add-ons”, but I can’t find a place to buy them.

Also, I noticed that there are “Reserved VMs” available, how do they work with the account-wide, per project perks, and the VM perks themselves? Is there a way to upgrade deployment VMs only, such as the outbound data transfer, since I won’t need 50 GiB of it for editing and testing, because I will be doing most of my work on the local machine, and only plan on Replit for deployment.

Finally, what is egress? And how much approx. will I need of outbound data transfer to host a small dynamic website that serves a lot of short and small media content? I’m new to hosting sites on platforms other than Glitch. Additionally, I would like to know how Replit compares to Glitch paid plan, especially since Glitch doesn’t seem to restrict the outbound data transfer or it’s just massive.


Outbound data (Egress) is account wide for all repls (projects).

Yes the 500 cycles monthly is for 0 to unlimited repls set to private.

As for if its financially better that’s for you to figure out. But I would recommend using deployments (the reserved VMs) over always on since that will have 99.9& uptime instead of making the repl turn back on when its automatically shut down to use resources more efficiently like always on does.

Yes you can. You can get it on

Those are per repl (project). Yes there are different tiers


Egress is outbound data transfer. And Hacker you get 50GiB


So it is generally better to invest into a reserved VM and upgrade the plan for egress as needed?


Depending on what you want it for. There are 2 other kinds of deployments coming out in a few days for static websites and autoscale deployments. I don’t know the pricing of them yet but I would recommend waiting for those to come out before making a desision


I would not be able to use static but the autoscale sounds good. Also, one more question, let’s say I have the Hacker plan which gives me 50 GiB of egrees, and I buy a VM that offers 10 GiB of egrees, can the VM consume all 60GiB or only the 10 GiB?

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I do not know. I can ask Replit staff for clarification on that wording if you would like


Sure, and from my understanding the VMs get 99.9% uptime meaning that I don’t have to buy the always on to have it running 24/7?

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I have asked

Thats correct.


And lastly, is SSL is included? Does it apply to custom domains as well?

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I do not know. I do know that all websites are encrypted with https


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