My REPLIT preview page keeps loading and link states "Site can't be reached"

Problem description

My REPLIT keeps loading on the preview page and when I press the link, it says “site cannot be reached”

Expected behavior

It is supposed to reach the site and I am supposed to be able to preview my work

Actual behavior

It says “site can’t be reached”

Steps to reproduce

It says “site can’t be reached”





Device if mobile



Free tier

Hi @mdonkor1 , welcome to the forums!
What is the url of the website? If it ends with, try changing it to and see if that helps.

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Came here to report:

The opposite of what Nate said works. I assume it’s a temporary solution, but for anyone working on web-based projects today until the issue is fixed:

Change the to and your project will work.

You won’t be able to use Webview, you have to use a new tab.