My Repl Won't launch, Takes up all my ram!

i have a project in c++, and it works fine: unless you count the fact that it freezes when pressing run, takes up all my ram and wont stop running. i have asked for help before and learnt about kill 1, but that fixes it for one time.

it happens when i change something in my code, my file isnt big, i have a singular external library in the project. any hints of fixing it?

My Repl

It Happens On All Devices, I Checked.

Ctrl, > disable ‚ÄúCode Intelligence‚ÄĚ.
Alternatively, you can disable code intelligence just for that repl: Go to the .replit file (this is a hidden file which you can access by doing CtrlP in the workspace) and comment out (Ctrl/) the languageServer start = line in the .replit file.
Or, you can try and reduce the RAM usage of the language server.

and what does that do with the console…? :smiling_face_with_tear:
The problem isnt with the app but with my project, it works fine on my other one :confounded:

Code Intelligence and the language server takes up your Repl’s RAM. Getting rid of them frees up space, which can stop the freezing.

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Ill try that. I’ll respond if it works.

Im back, sadly this did nothing and i still have the issue :frowning: @QwertyQwerty88