My Repl project completely disappeared from my account

Question: I logged on to my account today to keep working on my node.js app I work practicing on, only to find absolutely nothing there. I freak out and go to my CLUI. No history of it even existing. No warnings either. I still have the link for it in my history, so I know I’m not insane. Is there any way for a staff member to look at my account, and restore it (if possible)? Thank you so much.

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:
It just… no longer exists? I have no other ways to help as it seems to have disappeared in its entirety from the database.


I give you a one suggestion for this if it will work on this query. If you singed up for replit with an email that you no longer have access to, you can also contact replit support and provide some proof that you owned the account. They might be able to send you a password reset email to your current email. Or you have a backup of your code somewhere else, such as GitHub or your local machine, you can create a new repl and copy-paste your code there.

Is this information was helpful or not? If no then let me know I can help you.