My repl is saying "out of disk space" even if i have ~50% space left

I am making a GUI app in Python, but when I try to run it now I get the message that it is out of storage. None of my other repls do this, and my storage is at 5.5 out of 10. I have disabled Explorer mode and the problem still exists. What can I do?

Link to Repl:

EDIT: after looking at my outbound data transfer, I thought that it may be the problem. After letting it reset after tonight (at 0 right now), my repls are still out of space. My account storage is still at 5.5 Gib out of 10, and this has now spread to other repls. In fact, this will happen to any repl that I writ to the disk. Can someone please help?

This happens because of two reasons:

  • Replit is slow at reporting stats
  • For more advanced languages, you will encounter this error not when you hit the limit, it if the action you plan to make will hit it.

What do you mean by the action that I plan to make? I am running a gui app in python, not something like rust. What could I possibly plan to do that could take up 5 gigs of storage? And my storage was not over 10 gigs for months now. Many other repls work without issue.

I meant, like if you are running something or downloading/allocating something that takes 5gigs, then it would also say no memory left. Could also be a replit bug.

I am not downloading anything, and I am using Python, so it should not take more than 5 Gibs of storage. What I am running is completely offline. I have also contacted the mods on Discord and asked for help in the replit help yesterday, but I got nothing from the replit help ping except a comment on camera quality, and I just asked mods and they haven’t got back to me yet.

Then ig the GUI library is allocating it.

Also, this is kind of contradictory, as out of most languages, python is the most inefficient and most susceptible to these problems.

I recommend using the debugger to pinpoint when the error comes, so you can see if it is a tk issue or a cryptography issue.

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I cant start the debugger as it says this:

> /home/runner/symmetric-key-encryption-with-better-algorithm/.upm/store.json: 
cannot create temp file: 
open /home/runner/symmetric-key-encryption-with-better-algorithm/.upm/store.json3665840386: 
disk quota exceeded; on non-atomic retry: 
open /home/runner/symmetric-key-encryption-with-better-algorithm/.upm/store.json: 
disk quota exceeded

Replit: Package operation failed.

Also, It comes from a file write that I use to output the final result. This should be no more than a few hundred bytes. The file write statements are not in a loop, and I have never had an issue with writing more than I have intended.

Also using du -h I have tracked down the disk that the repl is mounted on and this is the result:

/dev/nbd60   256G   79M  256G   1% /home/runner/symmetric-key-encryption-with-better-algorithm

As you can see it is only using 79M of disk, not 5 GiB.

The storage limit shown in your Repl Resources is your total account storage. If you have other Repls that take up a lot of storage, they will count toward your account storage limit.

Once your account storage limit has been exceeded, your Repls will start running into “Disk Quota Exceeded” errors. Are you experiencing this anywhere else, or particularly in this Repl?

My account storage is at 5 GiB and I am seeing it across all repls. I even deleted 2GiB of repls and this still happens.

Screen Shot 2023-06-02 at 2.19.44 PM

According to the Pricing page, you get 0.5GiB of storage for a free account. It is unexpected that your account says your upper limit is 10GiB. I’ll escalate and let the engineers know about this issue.