My pygame problem

I can’t run my pygame program becuase ‘there is no avaiable video device’. What can I do?

Hey @TasosKhatzes welcome to the forums!

Can you please share a link to the repl?

Sory the program didn’t let me to write the at the start

Its because we dont let you share join links so people can delete your code. I changed the link so people can view the code but cant delete it.

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I believe the reason for this error is something to do with the configuration in the .replit and/or replit.nix files. The easiest fix would probably be to just create a new Repl with the Pygame template, not the Python template, and copy your code into it.


Pease tell me how can I do that. I don’t know

On the top left you click the name of the repl. THen in the pop down you click Cover page and copy that link for that page.


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