My new ChatGPT Code Snippets theme

Ever used ChatGPT and seen it generate some code snippets?
Well, this theme I made is based on exactly that.
Here’s the link:

As an extra, I’ve set the Replit UI primary colour to the green shade in ChatGPT’s logo.
Comment below! :smile:


Nice! Maybe make it a bit easier to see buttons?

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even test it :joy:
I edit it now.

Imaaaaaaagine not testing your theme. lol :rofl:

it almost exactly the same, :V

,thank you for making it man :smiley:


I didn’t test mine you can see how it turned out

It looks good. I would use it but I’ve already gotten use to the one i use

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Thanks and no problem :grin:


Please make this for VS code!

I think there’s a VS code one already, just gotta find it
Found it for you:

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I think he meant make a VSCode theme with these colors.

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But this one is not the same like the chatGpt one. The replit one in the example is exactly the same as chatGpt. Of course you could customize it but I’m talking about out of the box!

There are already some VSCode themes based on the ChatGPT colors which you might like:

You can go to File → Preferences → Theme → Color Theme to search for themes.


That’s what it says but if you select you will see it’s something else