My CPU it's always red and near 100 percent

How do I decrease my CPU on Replit account? It’s always red and near 100 percent.

Well, it shouldn’t really be a problem, as I’ve had it happen to me many times.

Well, if you really want to increase your CPU, you can upgrade to hacker or pro.


if you want to decrese it, disable code inteligence


Thank you for this message.

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It is good you wrote that it will decrease vCPU usage. It won’t ever completely stay at zero tho

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What about seeing if there’s a better efficient way to execute the code your running, sometimes bad code could eat ram and cpu up.

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I personally will just make a blank Repl, install exactly what’s needed and then start coding. I use templates when I want to just get to coding tho


I have the same issue even when I have code inteligence turned off

There’s some more information on this topic.