My computer Friends

Hello our friends, I have a computer that I bought this year, but it stopped working. When I turned it on, the battery had 60% and then it changed to 3%. Who can explain that to me, and whoever has some solutions can contact me.

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Please do not post Replit-unrelated topics on Ask. If your laptop is Lenovo, you can go to Lenovo’s support page, though.

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Ok do you know the name of the problem i dont know the problem in batterie or the cable

No, I do not know the problem.

Ok thanks for help :+1:

Not necessarily against the rules – as long as it is related to coding or Replit.

@bakourikhadija0 A great place to ask these questions if you want a active community for things unrelated to this is AMC!


Try plugging it in. Studies show that this can increase battery level.