My code has an error, please help here is the link, thanks for the help in advance.

On line 74 you are missing a closing curly bracket (}) and closing parenthesis ()).


Uh, it still has a error, can you help? I updated with } and ). Thanks.

The new error states that both process.env.ek3 and process.env.ek2 are undefined. Are ek3 and ek2 variables you want to access or something else? If you could may be give rough structure of ek3 and ek2 from your env without revealing information you don’t want to reveal, it might be helpful.

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I just want to create a iframe. Idk if you know what I mean, I forked this off someone and edited it. Thank you anyways.

If you just want an iframe, in a HTML file add <iframe src="some url"></iframe>.

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Envs are secret variables that cannot be forked or seen by others, while forking repls envs reset automatically. You may go with using iframe tag as suggested by MattDESTROYER but then you won’t be able to customize the repl or you fork this repl(like you did) and declare secret variables yourself.

I checked the repl you forked from and it seems ek3 and ek2 are sort of access keys, if you fork the repl then you can declare your own access key yourself.

To achieve that click on lock button and declare this two variables on new line each like:

ek3 = "_value you prefer_"

ek2 = "_another value_"
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