My bounty application not showing in applications tab

Hi, I applied to this bounty 4 hours ago, it is showing “already applied” but it is not showing my application under the applications.

Also I have completed the bounty and contacted the poster and he is waiting for my application to show up in order to accept it.

Will appreciate any help…

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Hi @SomveerKr , welcome to the forums!
Applications are approved manually, so it may take a while for it to be approved.
Hope this helps!
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How much time do I have to wait to get it approved…

Around 1-2 working days maybe?

But all my earlier applications got approved in less than an hour.

Is there any other way than just wait?

There has been similar problems reported before, like this:

Hey @SomveerKr !
Here is the post by a staff member:

Thanks for your help, I now got a clue about what is happening.

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More than one day now, shows the application of a person applied just one hour ago but not mine. This is very frustrating…

Is there any way, we can report this issue to replit team directly…

Hi @SomveerKr !
A similar bug has been reportrd and the team are looking into it.

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