My bounty application is not being accepted

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I submitted my bounty application after completing the bot user asked for

but I’m not being accepted. Here is the video demo of the app:

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I was trying to submit an application for bounty

What areas or features are involved?
Submission of bounty application

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Welcome to the forums, @aryankumar877!
First of all, the poster is not a bot. They are a real human. And second of all, they do not have to accept you, and if then do then you can submit your submission.


Hi @aryankumar877 , welcome to the forums!
Your application can take up to 24h to process as it is done by the Replit Staff and is not instant. It can take longer if you applied on the weekend.
The application, once put up, has no guarantee that the poster will accept you. The poster will only accept who they want, based on the application.
If you made the bot, you should say that you have done so, and the code is readily available. This may increase your chances of getting accepted by the poster to work on it.
@RedCoder I think OP meant ‘after completing the bot the user asked for’, not that the user is a bot.


thanks for letting me know @NateDhaliwal …but why do others who submitted after me get accepted before… I’m new to replit. Does this priortiize older users ? What can I do to get prioritized like them ?

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I’m not a Replit Staff so I’m not sure why the priority is given. Your application should go through after a while.
cc: @SuzyAtReplit

priority is given based on the bounties completed and possibly a few other things.


For any bounty-related issues on your account, I recommend submitting a ticket to the Support Team:

That is not what OP said: