My bot isn't added to the game yet How do I Get him in the server


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Hi! Welcome to the forums! If you are talking about a discord bot, go into the developer page, go to the 0Auth2 tab, and there you can make a link that when a user goes to it, they can add the bot into a server!

Hope this helps!

Hello Sit I ain’t taking about discord bot am talking about Minecraft 24/7 bot
I have tried 3 times but the bot didn’t enter the game
Also I give him my Server Ip address and Port
But He ain’t came
Pls tell me This problem not that pls

Your friend

It’s me cookwithnitro and hope that your okay
This ain’t the solution
My problem is of the game Minecraft.
I simply enter the replit app and search “24/7” and I got a template
I added it three times but the bot didn’t enter the game (Minecraft)
I want to make my server 24/7 because it is a private server
As I said The boy didn’t enter the game (Minecraft) also I put my server ip and Port correctly but the bot didn’t enter the game
And also am talking about Minecraft bot
Pls tell the solution of this problem

Oh. The 24/7 stuff likely does not work now. Replit made some changes and now things that contain files like don’t work. I don’t make Minecraft bots so i cannot not help you… sorry! Also…

Sit? I am not Sit.


I think they meant, “Sir”

Don’t use the template, it probably doesn’t work.
Instead, try deploying your repl as a Reserved VM, Background worker.
Hope this helps!


Ahh. That would make way more sense!