Multiple credit cards decline when trying to purchase Replit Core

Problem description

For the past 3 hours, I have been attempting to purchase Replit Core. At first, I thought it was just my account, so I switched accounts. However, that didn’t work. I have now tried multiple different credit cards, all with sufficient funds. One Discover, one Visa. The Discover card wouldn’t even let me add it. The Visa let me add it, but it said the card declined. (Even though it shouldn’t have.)

Expected behavior

I should be able to buy Replit Core with any of those two cards.

Actual behavior

It has prevented me now 7 times from purchasing Replit Core.

Steps to reproduce

Go to the payment page, and add your credit card. (On an account without a previously purchased Replit Core subscription.) Try to purchase it.


Chrome, Safari (Tested on both.)


Mac OS, Chrome OS. (Tested on both.)

Device if mobile




I have also tried contacting support, but I have replied multiple times in the past 2 hours, and nobody has responded. I need Core within the next hour, too.

May be a bit late, but is your ticket under Billing?
Also, the team operates on reduced capacity during weekends, so a response may not be immediate.