Máximum Load. Can it hold 1300 students live?

Hi. I would like to know if the application can hold 1300 students working on the same assignment at the same time, live? We are going to run an exam in the Repl.it for education

Hey, @iic1103 welcome to the forums.

I don’t see any limit but it could max out. Replit staff can confirm when the get around to this topic later today.

Are we talking 1300 students in one multiplayer session? or just taking the same assignment in Teams for EDU?


They will be doing the same assignment individually. Mi idea is to create a single project and have everyone fork the same project to work individually. So no, no multiplayer session, just the same assignment.

Yes this is possible it would not be a problem if you need what you said. it will be confirmed by someone from replit soon.

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Hi @iic1103 thanks for your question.

My first thought here is can your network handle the data load 1300 students accessing Replit at the same time will generate?

Secondly I would suggest a “stress test” by inviting the students in few weeks before for a no-risk test of the infrastructure. Here any issues could be identified and investigated before making a decision on the exam.

Hope this helps. It sounds really interesting!

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Hi, Ian thanks for the reply. Yes, the network can handle the access. We’ve had tests before on other platforms and the network went perfectly fine.

As for the stress tests, we are running one tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes.