Making your topic a guide

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You could join the @guidewriter group and make guides that go in guide.

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I considered doing this, but I didn’t know if this belonged in that category since it looked like the Guides there only related to how the forum operated instead of general guides on making proper topics and stuff like that.


No you could create a post in Guide Drafts if you had the proper permissions.

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Alright thanks. I’ll request to join the group, and if I get accepted, I’ll move this topic to Guides


You have to create a topic in Guide Drafts first. And wait for it to get accepted.

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I can’t. When I go to “Guide Drafts” it leads me to a 404 page.

Yes, because you’re not part of @guidewriter yet.

Yeah that’s what I was (mostly) saying. I’ll request to join the group and wait until I get accepted.

I’ll create the draft if I get accepted.

Doing it now.


It’s in guides now. That went much faster than I thought it would be. Thanks for suggesting for me to add it there guys. :slight_smile: