Making the last word in a multi-word command the same (

I am having a problem with my bot. I want a command called /pin new message, and another command called /pin existing message. However, it doesn’t let me name two commands “message”. Here is my code:

pinGroup = bot.create_group(name="pin", description="Used to create and check polls")

existing = pinGroup.create_subgroup(name="existing", description="Used to create and check polls")

new = pinGroup.create_subgroup(name="new", description="Used to create and check polls")

@new.command(name="message", description="Presto will send a message that will be pinned.")
async def message(ctx, message: str):
	await ctx.defer(ephemeral=True)
	await ctx.respond("Message sent.", ephemeral=True)
	msg = await

@existing.command(name="message", description="Pin a message using its ID.")
async def message(ctx, message_id: int):
  msg = await ctx.fetch_message(message_id)

Can anyone help?

Try making them each one command, maybe that’ll work

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. Could you provide a code block or something?