Making something like

I want to make something like in python (Flask most likely) but I don’t know how to use and display DNS records in Python, Does anybody have an solution? Thanks!


That works. Pretty cool! Also, creating a web Repl with your profile name eliminates the need for the third subdomain.
Instead of it is


How could I make something like that in Python? I have seen it is using GraphQL But the endpoints are being keeped as a secret, Also I don’t know anything or what is GraphQL.

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Python Flask. There are plenty of good Python Flask templates on Replit.

You don’t need GraphQL for what you are doing; that’s only for accessing data from Replit (usernames, follower counts, etc.). GraphQL abuse can get you banned.


Hey! Why don’t you make an issue on the github and ask them?

But making repls and inviting are something that needs GraphQL

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Oh you want to make an isadevon style thing, yeah nah, not on replit XD. Try buying a website and handing out subdomains


I tried using freenom and cloudflare API in python, didn’t work out so well. Do you know any free domain services that I can use for testing?

If you mean that you can neither make a Repl nor share it with someone without having a knowledge of GraphQL, that’s not right. To create a Repl, hit the “Create” button (surely you’ve done this already). To share a Repl, you can either generate a join link or invite someone by username.

Top right of Replit workspace is an invite button (near the profile picture):

Then just click that button and a very intuitive popup appears:

No GraphQL is needed to create or share a Repl.

I cannot vouch for it, but there is a service called “Freenom” which gives free domains (.ga and .tk etc.) that a friend of mine used. As I said though, I won’t vouch for this service being safe (though I won’t say it’s unsafe either). These domains come from countries which chose to make their domains free so this website lets you use them.

How do I create repl using Python and not physically?

I hit the create button at the top left and then I can type in whatever I want as a template. The “Favorites” are the ones I use most often. There are also community templates with even more options (I created one with my Python library built-in).

Or do you mean you want to automate the Repl creation process somehow (i.e., not have to click anything)? That would get you into trouble.

Sorry that’s not allowed :stuck_out_tongue:

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A new foe has appeared…