LSP not affecting the editor

Problem description: I’ve setted the FsAutoComplete F# LSP, and it seems to be running (CPU is working and log is being updated) but the editor doesn’t recognize the updates, it’s not showing warnings, auto-complete or errors.

Expected behavior: The editor integrates well with F# LSP

Actual behavior: F# LSP is not working

Steps to reproduce: Create a F# repl, create a tool-manifest, install fsautocomplete tool, add the following to the .replit file:

onBoot = ["dotnet", "tool", "restore"]
language = "fsharp"

pattern = "**/*.fs"

    start = ["dotnet", "fsautocomplete", "--verbose", "--adaptive-lsp-server-enabled", "-l", "lsp_log"]

Bug appears at this link:

Browser: Microsoft Edge

  1. Use absolute path /nix/store/16s6vszmbw3g24bh4h33y00vfmb21yiw-dotnet-sdk-7.0.202/bin/dotnet instead of just dotnet in onBoot line—Nix environment isn’t loaded onBoot.
  2. Run in Shell:
dotnet tool install fantomas
kill 1
  1. Refresh the page

Now the format button works, but seemingly anything else: No typecheck results for /home/runner/RailwayFS/main.fs