Looking for someone who can do CSS styling

Is there anybody who knows how to style very well with CSS, if so pls submit a few pages you’ve styled so I can see how good you are. I need someone to help me with styling the website below.


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I can help you with your CSS here’s some of my past work:


I love the quick lists very clean and simple website

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Whats your replit name?

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I put up a styling poll on my Yahtzee game check it out and tell me if you can make it look better

It’s in general catagory

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KK lets see what you can do with styling I invited you

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I gotta say myself, CSS and HTML is VERY fun! I have four websites currently, and one in production. My favorite of which is PS Custom Nikes! I’d love it if I could help make a project with you and pretty confident, I could help improve the UI on your site. Hope you let me help.

Here’s is a simple redesign I did for the home page of your site! Yachtzee

FYI, if you’d like the URLs of my other three sites, just ask

Just tell me if I’m hired!