Looking for someone to do JS graphics

Can someone help me make graphics for my webgames?
I will make everything other than graphics.

  • Not needing 3d graphics/external libs such as phaser,p5,or three
  • Not needing fancy textures or image files,please do the drawing in your js code
  • I am online between UTC 5:00 to 9:00 or 10:00 to 13:00,please dont be only online in the middle of the night for me(e.g no utc 17:00)
  • Not commercial—No form of payment,i.e no bounties/cycles/real money
  • Students prefered—I have not collabed with adults.I don’t really know about adults to take part in some collab like this.Will they get grumpy?Will they be too busy working to have no time in those time intervals?Will they be very angry about my code style/behave like a mafia leader?(If you are an adult and you want to collab and you are not grumpy,im not prohibiting adults,just being a little afraid of them)
  • Please bear my poor code quality:I don’t really write comments

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Hi @imcute-aaaa thanks for your post.

You have put some great detail into this but to help others in the community understand what type of graphics you are hoping for in your webgames do you have any examples of your games that you can share?

Loved your comments about grumpy adults / mafia leaders. Made me :laughing:


Hmm…I’d want to have some webgame(examples),but that’s the exact reason I’m posting here.
For the type of graphics:

  • 2D only(i.e no three.js)
  • Easy enough to do on JS Canvas for an artistic enough person(im not artistic at all,so idk how to design ui or something)(i.e no p5.js or phaser.js)
  • In a webpage,i.e using JS Canvas,instead of pygame canvas or something
  • Easily constructed using polygons and circles,i.e no using external images


Also,an edit to the main port:

…but I will tell you what I am doing,and what I give as API,and where the graphics code should be put,so no worries


If you’re using CanvasRenderingContext2D (canvas.getContext("2d")), you could easily just use images:

ctx.drawImage(image, x, y);
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Yes,but I mean that there is no need of using them

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