Looking for a partner

Hello, I’m looking for a partner for stupid Python programming. I love making simple games. I’m tired of programming alone, I want to try it with a partner.

I am not into the site creating. I just love to do some stuff on this beautiful language.


Hey, I’m not primary/fluent in Python; I do more web development. But I have been using Python since age 6, so if nobody else comments, I can work on something with you.


Also. I need to ask you. What type of creations do you like to do? I’m asking this, because I don’t want to make very big projects and sites too. I just want to chill, maybe waste my time at making some games or python scripts.

If you ask about what type of game I made, then I don’t know how to use pyGame, so… I just love a console game like rpg or something. Also I am very bad at english.


Idk, I only really do web dev so right now I’m working on a fully-fledged service for event ticketing using QR codes that can help save paper and stuff.