List all deployed Repls in the /usage statistics

I have around 30 autoscale deployments at the moment and I would like to check which ones are using too much compute cycles.

There is a small list available in the new /usage page but it is not enough because the list only shows the Top 8 and makes a sum of all the other deployments as the screenshot shows.

The problem is that when I add a new deployment I need to quickly check if it uses too many compute cycles and I don’t want to wait until it comes to the top 8.

As there is no way to know how many compute cycles and requests a specific Deployed Repl is using, i would like to have the full list available in the /usage page instead of only the Top 8.

It is a paid feature so I think we really need to know which Deployments are going to make us pay for CPU or requests and we should have the ability to have all details before having to pay :slight_smile:

I’m sure it is only a flag to switch from top 8 to, maybe, top 100 and Repl engineers could probably change that in a minute :slight_smile:


I have seen the “Load More Repls” button

thanks so much for having made this feature !


Confirming you can now expand your list to view all Repls in the usage breakdown!