Linking 2 custom domains to 1 repl

oof, really? I didn’t realize you did GQL

Yeah cause I don’t publish them. But I do a lot of webscraping stuff (graphQL or Selenium) and have a couple of selfbots (not for replit). I’m not amazing with GraphQL but I know how it works and how to run queries and stuff.

I also have a screen scraper for bounties that I think as against ToS (It’s turned off right now though)

hold up, you realize I, the person who probably knows the 3rd most about replit GQL, have no idea has no idea how “GQL” in general works XD. Also, that’s really cool! Also: why did Ray threaten to ban you? What were you guys doing, you didn’t choose to be invited to the repl XD

He just wanted everyone to leave, I just wanted to watch all the drama go down :popcorn:

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lol I see, Ray poppin’ off be like

Yea, But what do I insert in-order to read a file of a repl owned by me?

ummm you don’t; GQL be banned, also GQL for in-repl stuff is a little finnicky

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Only Graphql mutations are moderated iirc

according to ray, but another mod said 0 mutations/queries, so if you use ray, then only mutations, otherwise, nothing is allowed

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Hey @MatanFromRoblox!

Yes, you can link your Repl to more than one domain! Our domain linking feature allows you to connect more than one domain to your Repl:

@ShaneAtReplit sorry for the ping what is the situation with GraphQL? Are users allowed to use queries and mutations? Or just queries? Or none at all?

Not sure, I’ve asked the team!

Ray saw me commenting on MNA4’s repl on my alt (@beliefs) after he started ban evading, saw that my account was new, and banned me because he mistook me for MNA4. (Though I was one of those invited to the repl XD)

@hugoondev what happened to:

I’m pretty sure it is possible, since I’ve tested this before. cc @hugoondev


Here our stance on using our GraphQL API:

Queries are definitely okay if they aren't spammed, and mutations are okay if they aren't abused.

Using gql to mass-fork or spam comments is almost a bannable offense, whereas queries are okay as long as it isn't used for scraping purposes.

As long as the intent of a project doesn't clash with the ToS, it's okay for it to use gql

Thanks! This clears a lot of stuff up ^ @bigminiboss


wow thank you for the clear up

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