Linking 2 custom domains to 1 repl

I am wondering if linking 2 custom domains to 1 repl is possible?

Thanks, Matan.

Hey @MatanFromRoblox,

this is not possible at the moment, but you can make this a #feature-requests!

Woah! You are fast in replying.
Is there an way to get file content from an repl? Maybe API Endpoint Or GraphQL?

I think you could with GQL, but I sadly don’t know how :frowning_face:

Making a GraphQL query is pretty easy. To find the query, open a repl and then open developer tools and go to network. Search the queries made for GraphQL and copy the one that requests the repl data (Some people got banned for posting the query schema so I can’t tell you it, but you can easily get it yourself :smiley: )

From there it’s pretty easy to make a request to the GraphQL Endpoint.

Also I was going to post the code to make the request but I can’t right now because none of my repls will open. If they do open I’ll come back here and post it. So this code might be a little wrong

import requests

# your query
query = """

json = {
  # You need to include your useragent and
  # cookie here
}"", query=query, json=json)
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  1. it’s
  2. pika & ray told me not to be sharing this XD

Everyone knows about it, It’s not a secret


Probably true, but I’ve been told not to share it by mods

^ Same. MNA4 got banned for sharing queries he had saved (I already have a copy lol). It’s all public so I don’t know why mods get so mad about people sharing it. TBH it feels like they are trying to gatekeep it.

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yeah I wish I knew the “better” ones, but they just be gatekeeping for like literally mutations, like I can already tip someone, why can’t I tip them 99 instead of 100? Also, the reason is probably pika who literally forced people to follow him and had the ability to delete any account that viewed some markdown

Yeah I understand the abuse, but I’ve seen people get in trouble for sharing basic ones like getting user info or repl stats


Kinda hypocritical that they use those queries though

I know right I XD it’s “bEcAuSe Of BoTtInG” also, even ray follow botted people XD

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what is this, the repl MNA4 inivited everyone to, they did it again?

No this was just from the first time he did it. Rayhan was threatening to warn and then ban everyone cause we wouldn’t leave. The queries are completely public though lol

lol yeah it’s technically against ToS to reverse engineer them from the network payload logs.

Really? That’s how I did it.

yeah, it’s illegal lol XD

oof, that makes a lot of my repls against ToS