Like remains despite reaching the like limit

I think I just found a glitch. I was liking a lot of posts and it said that I have “shared too much love” so I thought I would try to like another post. And it brought up a thing that said that I have “shared too much love” again, but it left my like on the post. Did I find a glitch or and I just stupid? Most likely the second one.

Watch this video thing I got and you can see.

You can only like a certain amount of posts per day. This number increases with your trust level. You are currently TL1. If you’d like, you can learn about trust levels here.


Interesting. Is this a way to prevent collusions ? I mean, do people truly care to go up un this TL thing?


I don’t fully understand your grammar but people do increase their trust level. You can get as high as TL3 automatically by being active enough (see the article in my previous post for more details), and you can be promoted to TL4, moderator, or staff as well, although that must be done manually. Note that you won’t ever get promoted to staff unless you’re staff.

fixed it, was typing on my ipad and that messes things up always.
I am just amused to see so many posts about people caring over a trust level. And also anti-collusions rules.
That is all.

Trust levels give you clout and also give you more power. It also shows that you’ve been active and know what you’re talking about.

A thing to note is that within discourse staff is an automatic group/role. And it is any moderator or admin