Lightdefusion's introduction


I’ve been on here for a while now so this is extremely late and I know a lot of Repliters have an idea of who I am, but I decided to make this so that any who were interested could know more about me. And I want to get this over with

Who am I?

If you’ve visited my replit profile you know I do stuff here under the pseudonym “Anon Y. Mous”. I would rather not reveal exactly who I am, but here are a few other things about me:

  • I’m 16 (and counting)
  • I live in the US
  • I have a dog (not sure if this is a necessary detail, but it’s here anyway)

What/why do I code?

I originally started coding after getting a book on the basics of Scratch. Then one of my friends at school showed me HTML and I got interested in that. From there I went on to Codecademy and learned some C#. Then I wanted to actually be able to freely code C# (and I was on a Chromebook) so I found Covid struck around there and my memory is a bit cloudly as to what exactly I did, but I stayed on Replit for a while, learning Python, JS, Rust, etc. Then I discovered Ask about a year or two later and now here I am.
I’ve been working with Python to do stuff with AI and console-based projects (occasionally a Flask server), been learning to make games in Kaboom (and other JS libraries), and am currently learning Svelte and React (separately ofc). I’m still learning, and enjoying the ride even though Egress aka Outbound Data Transfer exists (it’s not too bothersome though).

That’s about everything.


I know you’ll have seen this before but thanks for posting your intro and welcome to the community!