Letters are Autoduplicated

Problem description

When I try to use a method or function (e.g., current_time = datetime.datetime.now()), the first letter of the method or function is autoduplicated.

Expected behavior

When typing, the character input should not be duplicated.

Actual behavior

The first character of a method or function is automatically duplicated when used.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Utilize a python function or method (e.g., current_time = datetime.datetime.now())
  2. The d for the second “datetime” and the n for “now” are autoduplicated.





Device if mobile




Please upload screenshots

This is a problem that I can confirm, and has existed since last year.Looks like a bug to me.

I tried in the browser and the app, both on my laptop and my Android, but I can’t get this to reproduce.

@python660 @iojini Would you guys be able to help me understand how this is triggering? It is the autocomplete duplicating at a certain point when you’re typing? Is it specific to mobile in the app or browser?

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The problem was when I was editing I would find once the keyboard disappears, what I typed gets duplicated twice. (Also connects to the “red dot problem” I posted when I first joined ask)

It was in the browser and it duplicated the first letter of the method or function I was typing out. I tried to attach a video to show what was occurring but there was a pop up message that said new users can’t attach videos.

@iojini Can you try now? Or send it to me via personal message (maybe a Google Drive link to it if it doesn’t upload)?

Also, I’m curious if you could try the Replit App and verify if the same issue occurs there.

Yes, it looks like I can attach the video now. I’m not able to use the app so I just use replit on my laptop and it was working fine there.

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Thanks so much @iojini . I’ll get this reported to the team and see what we can do.

One more question. May I ask what keyboard you are using on your phone? And have you tried any others?

I was using the LG keyboard. I didn’t try to use another keyboard since it was working fine on my laptop. Thanks for sending this along to the team. Much appreciated!