LaserSocial - A WORKING SOCIAL MEDIA SITE I BUILT! (1.5+ years of development)

Hi everyone! I haven’t been very active on this forum for a while.

Anyways, I started developing a social media site as a hobby project back in the summer of 2022 (when I was in 8th grade). Here I am in 10th grade with a somewhat completed and functional social media site.

Let me know what you think! If you find any bugs, please let me know, and I’ll try to figure something out. Right now I just want people to test the app out.


  • What language/framework: Next.js + typescript
  • Database: Supabase (free postgres)
  • Hosting: Vercel
  • Auth: Google
  • Why is it slow: The initial load takes a few seconds because of server-side-rendering. It’s faster after that.
  • Is there a profanity filter? No because I realized people would always find a way to get past it somehow
  • Why can’t I post images? For various reasons. Just allowing text for now. YES you can actually
  • Can I get banned? Yes, your account can be temporarily or permanently disabled.
  • Can I view the code? Not at the moment.
  • Is it open source? No, for now.
  • I can’t edit my posts? Yes, to preserve authenticity
  • How does caching work? I chose not to really use caching, instead server-side rendering and fetch small amounts of information at a time for the most accurate and up-to-date results.
  • How long did it take to make? 1.5 years, however I’d probably work 2-3 hours a week, and sometimes not at all. If I really grinded I could have made it in probably a month if I worked 8 hours a day… maybe.
  • Are you paying for this? No I’m a broke highschooler lol. If this site starts actually getting enough users so that I would need to pay money to maintain it, I would probably have to figure something out. Idk.

Alright everyone, enjoy and give me feedback!


Hey @eesazahed!

Very cool, if this gains traction I might use this for some stuff. Maybe you could add the ability to Upload Images for profile pictures and not links (I personally don’t have any links to my profile picture like the one I have on Replit Ask). Also what would be cool is having the ability to style your posts with Markdown.


Thanks for your feedback!

  • At the moment I’m using links because I would probably run out of storage if image uploads were an option
  • Markdown is a great idea, thanks for your feedback!

You can use the link for your Ask pfp. Since you sign in with google everybody can just it with their Google pfp


Really cool site @eesazahed!

Yeah that’s what I did.

Where would I get this link?

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Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 15.58.57

Right click ur pfp and press open image in new tab

edit: it would be very small, so find a bigger version of ur pfp, like on your profile page


(that’s a link)


Thanks, but I can’t do that, I’m on an iPad not a computer.


Then you should be able to press-and-hold on an image, and then open in a new tab.


An issue with Supabase :skull::sob:

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That doesn’t work, iPad’s aren’t able to take images and display them in tabs →

Nice job! All that effort definitely payed off!

Though one thing; Nno offense, but sometimes it can be reasonably slow, in terms of loading times. Is it possible that getting a high tier-deployment on Replit would help your project run faster? I’d be happy to host it for free on a deployment on a pretty high tier, if you’d like.


Yea you’re right, it is kinda slow :confused:

Thanks for offering but for now I’ll keep it the way it is. It technically is still in somewhat of a developing/testing stage.

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I just noticed something cool, based on the time of day, the welcoming message with change, like Good Morning, Username and Good Evening, Username.


That’s fine. It works pretty well, I mean my sites are slower lol. Nice job! :+1:


This is amazing! Awesome job.

What database and auth are you using by the way?

Very relatable. I still have projects I started years ago that I COULD finish in theory, but just don’t really want to.


This is why Firebase is better :100:


Hello! This is an epic app however I feel like the side nav bar is a little bit empty aroung the top and bottom. Here is a quick mock up I made in figma if you want to use it for inspiration!


Really cool! I agree with @SalladShooter it would be helpful if you could add images instead of links. What gave you the initial motivation to build a social media site?

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