Langchain keeps getting reimported after each run

Problem description:
I ran in the shell
pip install langchain

it installed
next time I ran the app

app complained that langchain was NOT installed

Expected behavior:
install once
forget about it

Actual behavior:
install required over and over

Steps to reproduce:
pip install langchain

close app
come back
run app
app will complain langchain is not installed

Bug appears at this link:
!!! error on posting a link to replit! Come on! An error occurred: Sorry you cannot post a link to that host.

Chrome is up to date

Version 110.0.5481.178 (Official Build) (64-bit)

could you link the repl? Packages should install permanently to venv folder on the Python template unless you’ve deleted it.

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what is reimporting in replit and how to do it
please tell me

Hi @RAFIIQUE , welcome to the forums!
You can enter pip uninstall [package] then pip install [package].
Do note that you have to change [package] to the name of the package.

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