Kindly help with below error

I am facing 2 issues. when i try to run the code sometimes its gives me below error:

There was an error connecting to the serve bla bla.

When diagnose and try again, it works for a second, like it shows the display for a second and then black screen comes

Where are you “running” it? Can you also please send your Repl link if your Repl is public?

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Thanks for the reply. this is the link

now it shows the fig on ouput for a second then goes dark screen.

I’d recommend putting t.mainloop() instead of input() at the end (but both should have the same effect).
And whenever you get the Output error, try clicking Try again a few times while the program is running.


Thanks it worked beautifully.

However how about the other error regarding diagnosis …

What other error?
Note that the link in the Diagnosis section is outdated so don’t worry about it.

The “There was an error connecting to the server” error in this case just happens randomly, usually when your repl disconnects or boots up.

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thanks mate. Do you think they are are going to resolve dark screen issue?

@NuclearPasta0 now continuously I’m seeing this error from last 15 mins.


If you are on a different network, you might see the error.
If you are on the same network, and clicking Try again while the program is running didn’t work, I am not sure what could cause this. You should also trying forking.
Perhaps the output was unblocked before but now it’s blocked.

today its working fine :). Thanks