Key lag stacking when typing in console or shell

Problem description:
When typing via replit (fast) it seems to be bundling up all the sent characters at once, resulting in my program thinking they are all one character and using only the last one.

Expected behavior:
The keystrokes are delivered one at a time (like when i test locally).

Actual behavior:
The keystrokes come all at once.

Steps to reproduce:
Run the microchat repl and type fast.

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome on windows


Ive also had this issue now for around a month in all my replit activities - learn code - create a replit. Is there any fix for this as its unusable as you cant type anything in real time

W10 Pro and Chrome


Can you please send me a screen recording of this so I can investigate?

Hi great thanks - heres an example in a node js replit that I cant do an npm install in.

Same issue in my 100 days of code learning - so its across all of my replit use - worked fine before. Was going to upgrade to a paid plan but only if this lag goes away - thanks

Do you have the Accessible Terminal Output setting enabled?

Er if I do it wasn’t intended! Wheres the setting for this please? Thanks

Under the Tools section in the Workspace Sidebar, you will see the Settings pane. At the bottom there’s a toggle to switch Accessible Terminal Output on or off.

If the setting is on, it has the potential to severely degrade performance.

Screen Shot 2023-07-05 at 11.37.30 AM

hi unfortunately its already disabled so still have the same issues…i only see this lag in replit - no issue on any local cmd windows or render if that helps

Can you please try playing with the demo terminal on ?

If it lags, Xterm (the terminal we use) is causing the lag.

If not, I’ll escalate this issue to the team and see what they can do.

Hello same issue on your demo terminal - Chrome with W10Pro
No issue in Firefox - will switch to firefox for now

Weird as it did all work until around a month ago


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Awesome, glad you found a solution :+1:

Er no that’s a workaround until you fix it…I want to use Chrome browser again. All worked fine until about a month ago. I’m not taking a paid plan until its fixed and now working on instead


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@dragonhunter1 can you please try this out and see if you can reproduce the same thing?

on Edge Dev: the xtermjs demo works, but there’s still lag stacking on replit as described.
It seems that @numume’s issue is unrelated to the original issue.

Latest version? Try in Incognito mode, and if it works, disable extensions until you find the culprit

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I tried all of that before I logged a help request here. I have no issue in chrome with any other console shell access including /CLI inc AWS/Render/VS Studio/Anaconda etc etc just replit…

I use CLI everyday…

It did work before so either the change is chrome my side (ruled out) or replit

So yes I can use firefox but thats a PITA…so be grateful for a fix

For now you have lost me as a paying customer and im using render instead for quick projects

If there is somewhere else to log this issue let me know - I cant find a support ticket system