KB3Land - A WL3 Engine clone

L - Hold to allow Pickup, then collide with object
-Again to throw
-Hold W to toss up higher.

; - Dash

A Kaboom engine that mocks Wario Land 3.

WL3 was iconic for the Metroidvania + WL style game.
Having to regain all of Wario’s abilities to progress with the game.

It comes with additional features that were added to give it a more modern feel.
It’s written completely in Oak (https://oaklang.org)

Keep on the lookout, I plan to extend this even more.


A couple of new things added, S cancels dash.

Bullpress-GM1 will be added soon.
I’ll be busy implementing BPGM1 to a few of my projects wherever it optimizes my tech.

Expect more soon!

So for now, it only has the 1 platform?

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I plan on adding more of the game very very soon.

I am currently working on porting my Bullpress Alg into Oak (Oak-Bullpress/bullpress at main),
and implementing the JS version into my projects where possible.

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Feel free to suggest level ideas if you have any, I plan on adding a few select custom levels eventually, maybe an API.

I was thinking maybe a simple platformer game?

Yes, I am adding a story mode as well.

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