Kaboom (light) vs Kaboom?

Does anyone know the difference between kaboom (light) and regular kaboom? If so can you tell me? Also, why are more of the popular kaboom games made in kaboom (light)? Thanks in advance.

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Kaboom light is, well, lighter… (literally, it’s smaller, less files and no ‘fluff’) From what I understand, the Kaboom template actually builds your code in a NodeJS Repl and provides all sorts of features like a basic empty multiplayer template and more. The Kaboom (light) template is just a HTML, CSS, & JS Repl that uses a script tag to get the Kaboom library (which seems a bit outdated, I did some trial and error and found a newer version of the Kaboom library) and then leaves the rest to you.

The Kaboom (light) template doesn’t require a server and therefore will likely have a faster load time (as in running the Repl) because it’s just a website as opposed to a server that hosts a website. The Kaboom (light) template also doesn’t have any of those extra features (most if not all are server-side features). There is also some documentation and examples that the Kaboom (light) template doesn’t have.

Basically, the Kaboom (light) template is a HTML, CSS, & JS Repl that gets the Kaboom library through a script tag.

The Kaboom template is a server which hosts a Kaboom game with extra features (and ‘fluff’).

If you don’t need multiplayer, you might be better off using Kaboom (light).

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Alright then, thanks!

No problem, honestly I never really experimented with Kaboom because I prefer to write stuff from scratch lol

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Tbh kaboom is basically just scratch (the software, not the phrase “from scratch”) with lines of code. I agree that I like writing things from scratch though.

I believe Scratch actually has more advanced collisions, at least the last time I checked Kaboom only does box collisions.