Just wondering what the fire emoji means

I noticed that some notable contributors have the :fire: emoji next to their username, and when hovered it says “Breaking the Great Firewall of China”, and I was just wondering what that signifies.

What you have described is called a custom status. You can install it in the account settings section. For him, you set up an emoji and a short text that can describe what you are currently doing, for example, studying something. You can also specify the time when your status will be reset.




What @KAlexK said is how they did it. As to what it signifies, it seems to be a pun on “the Great Wall of China” and the users may be upset with China. I haven’t noticed any of these but I don’t usually hover over statuses.


Thank you both for letting me know :slight_smile:


You could tap on the status to view it. But recently, (may be because of the Discourse update) you need to long press on the status to view it.

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