Js code statements suggessions not available anymore

no code suggessions available anymore:

for example, earlier whenever i type “for”, it suggested a list to two things to chose one from “for loop” and “for of loop” and selecting one always auto typed the syntax for “for” loop :

now. when i type “for”, it suggest a long list of bla bla bla:

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:


Try reloading your Repl. Sometimes Replit just doesn’t want to load the code suggestions in, even if you have a good internet connection.


Try running kill 1 in the shell

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I don’t think killing the Repl would work, since it’s a client-side issue.

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If I understood correctly, the code suggestions load. The problem is that when they typed for before it would put some code like this (Idk exactly what it was):

for (condition) {

but now it just puts for.

@rootmailbook mentioned that it just shows a list of keywords when he typed for, which should show for loop and for of loop and autocomplete it when you click it.

Reloading the Repl should fix the problem

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Ah, so I did misunderstand. Thanks