JavaScript not working after I deploy?

Question: I am making a simple to do web app — it all works perfectly in my test webview in Replit but once I deploy none of the Javascript seems to be working. Looking at the console errors, it seems that the js file cannot even be found?

I’m curious what I am doing wrong. I’m sure it’s something basic! I’m new to coding and Replit and trying to make this app as an inside joke to my friend for their birthday.

Repl link:
Deployed link:

Thank you!

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Try moving the files around a little bit (shuffle them around into different folders; copy their contents, delete the file, and then make a new file of the same exact name and paste the contents back.

The reason I’m suggesting the above is because that happened to me on a non-deployed website. For some reason my CSS file wasn’t being recognized by anything. So I just deleted it and pasted it back a few times and it eventually got it.

Also see below (not exactly your case, but it’s generally kinda close to what I’m explaining):

However, the second one is a generic error for if you don’t have a custom page icon and it’s trying to look for it. (That one is completely harmless and doesn’t affect any of your code.)