Java: interface: default_method: override: output_not_displaying

Problem description

replit is not displaying the correct
output in the console

(See cmd-line compile-and-run screenshot)
execute using
openJDK version “18.0.2”

Expected behavior

(As cmd-line test: see screenshot)

Output should be:

  • “\t & special wonka taste”

//\t ->tab and (no quote marks)

Actual behavior

repl not displaying any output on Run

Steps to reproduce

Copy code and hit Run

Related: See output when un-commented the line Super.Bar.taste();




Windows 10 (Also tested Windows 11)

Device if mobile



Free (and also reproduced in Hacker plan account)

Please upload screenshots

Sorry, only one screenshot uploaded and I can’t now delete the post to or edit to upload the best one?


Hey @usethetools01!

Try adjusting your zoom, that might help.

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