Is this how to push to GitHub or hallucination?

I dont mean to be a belligerent but this is all getting a little stressful now.

Your AI is brilliant when it works and I know it’s early days so I’m trying to be constructive with my feedback.

Only it’s doing this so much that it’s a bit frustrating.
Unless it’s just my user error that is the problem?

The AI said that I have to find some drop-down to push the Repl to GitHub but I can’t find it and pressing the short keys it mentions is the same as the print HTML document in Chrome.

I feel like I’ve set up the connection between the Repl and GitHub OK but the AI was a bit short on anything about that in relation. So I guess that could be why the drop-down the AI mentions doesn’t seem to exist (yet). But I don’t know.

That is definitely hallucination, lol. Check under the Git tab in your repl. Should be mostly self-explanatory from there.


Ghostwriter sometimes gets lost and nit by just a mile. Honestly for things Replit related it is always best to refer to the official documentation.


To be more positive, I got it working by using the docs and it was fairly trivial.

Suggestion: I feel Replit should really focus on making sure Ghostwriter really works well with their own systems especially.
That’s the basics surely.