iPhone 15 app bugs

Problem description

The bugs I found after using a lot (I love it) this app are the followings:

Sometimes I get blank screen (the color of the app background) and only thing I can do is close the project and re-open it.

If I have the last tab opened and I close it with the show tabs button, it automatically opens the “new tab” tab and closes the show tabs tab.

In some languages (php) when the AI suggestions is showed, there is no “tab” character to accept the suggestion. With JavaScript it appears and the end of the special characters top keyboard.

I would love these bugs fixed, I really enjoy working on the phone

Expected behavior

Things I explained shouldn’t happen…

Actual behavior

I explained in the problem

Steps to reproduce

I explained in the problem above


Replit’s mobile webview


iOS 17/16

Device if mobile




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Wow, the app is quite buggy at the moment. Would using the web version (opening replit.com in safari) be any better?