Invitation to edu teams does not work

I just tried for the 1st time to invite students to a team, using the invitation link as described in this video.
However, the link (opened in a different browser) just leads to the standard account creation page requiring email etc. instead of just choosing a username.
So is it currently broken, or did the invite procedure change?

There are too similar reports, one from Aug 16 and one from Apr 26, both without any answer - so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @GyriHa!

We made a change to our invite link creation flow that allows teachers to select privacy mode when they create the team instead of when they create the link. To keep everything backwards compatible, we have added a tool to our CLUI that allows you to change the privacy mode of and existing invite link.

To update an invite link, go to and select the update-invite command. From there, you can update the privacy mode of an existing invite.

If you have any questions or run into any other issues. please let me know!

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