Introduction of A Curious Programmer

Hello fellow replers,

I stumbled across Replit Ask and lurked as a guest for a while despite having a Replit account. I used to have a previous account since 2017, but I deleted it when I got bored for a while… Which accidentally deleted my first ever program. If not for this site, I would have had a harder time learning CS principles early on, so I feel a nostalgic tie to this site.

Besides that, I am a CS student in third year looking at backend web development. I also enjoy looking into other topics such as interpreters and parsers. Finally, I might post more projects on replit, but it will take time for me to import projects from my GitHub. All of this comes from five years of programming under my belt.

(I prefer Java, C, and some Python for my projects.)

Hope to get to know more people here and learn even more! :smile:


Hey @DerkWithT welcome to the forums!

This community is very welcoming and friendly, hope you like it here!

Wow, the only languages I know are Python, HTML & CSS, and a tiny bit of C++ and JavaScript.

I have around 3+ years of typing languages.



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Welcome @DerkWithT!

:open_mouth: Wow! You’ve got to post some of them in Showcase some time.

Nonono… It’s not possible to like both JAVA (:nauseated_face:) and PYTHON…

I like C too, though :grin: I just don’t get malloc lol


I see why people see Java syntax as wordy (I kinda agree) and Python syntax as clean.

About C, I like its lower-level features and raw pointer use. Those two parts of the language make it feel mean and lean in my opinion. Currently, I have an interpreter in C just under half done for a language with Ruby-like syntax, no null values, and strong type checks. I’ve never done that before, so I’m hoping that it turns out OK.


That is absolutely insane. I thought I had a lot of experience with Replit after I started using it in 2020, but 2017, you are a true Replit veteran. How do you feel about Replit’s changes as it has developed over the years, and what was it like back then?

Anyway, a humble welcome to Replit Ask!



Sounds pretty cool. Be sure to put it in Showcase when you’re done!


Hmm, good question! The only downsides to replit are the random disconnects in the middle of coding and sometimes the repl memory usage gets full. I use free plan, and I’ve thought about getting Hacker plan as the balanced choice.

Back then, I remember that there was Repl Talk and that community repls were more mixed. Replit also had less languages supported and not even the universal package manager back then! These days, people often make discord bots I think, but back then people would make cool websites and even interpreters. A few other replers like CSharpIsGud were the ones I looked up to.

Now I think the platform has gone a long way in a good direction. But, I sometimes find a few underrated gems lurking in the depths of community search. If only there was a special split of repl search by CS topics: web dev, math, game dev, etc.

Thanks for the welcome!


You can make a Feature Requests for this.


Well you can search by tag: